Welcome to Inkalon, Inkventurer! This is the home of everyone who is looking for an adventure filled with colors, passion, art and love! On this page we will share the story of Inkalon and it's community driven characters! 

How does Inkalon Work?
Step 1:

Go to Patreon.com/PixieInktvis, choose whatever reward tier interests you the most and sign up!

Step 2:

Instantly enjoy everything that has been upladed up until today!

Step 3:

Check out all the areas of this website to learn everything there is to know about Inkalon & meet the characters!

Let me explain, Inkventurer!

Step 4:

Collect Ink, get your Inkventurer and spend your Ink on additional rewards only accessible for Patreons!

When will I get my Inkventurer?

Patreons in the Ink Bottle and Ink Knight Tier will have to save up 50 Ink to buy their first Inkventurer.

Patreons in all other tiers get enough Ink in their first month and can order their first Inkventurer right away! Delivery time varies depending on the current work queue, but we'll try to keep it short! 

Step 5:

Participate in community events, and help us shape the world of Inkalon for a colorful future!

What is Inkalon?
A Thank You

To the community that has taken us in, supported us and helped us find happiness and growth!

A way to tell a story

About how colors, art and positivity can change your life, and the lives of the people around you. We want to tell the story through comics, webtoons, graphic novels, artbooks and more!

A loyalty program

To give Patreon supporters even more, Inkalon related rewards like art for their Inkventurer, stickers, posters, postcards, merchandise & physical comics/books!

A community driven experience

Where YOU can choose what you want to see next, and participate by making YOUR OC a part of the world, in form of an Invekturer!

Thank you for Supporting Inkalon!
Rewatch the Introduction conversation and meet Tinky again! 
Learn more about the Gray and the Story of Inkalon! (not unlocked yet)
Learn more about how to get your first Inkventurer and meet the Blacksmith, Hanma!
Learn more about the reward shops! (not unlocked yet)

We hope to be able to welcome you in Inkalon soon, Inkventurer! Embark with us on the journey of a lifetime. Sign up now, and start collecting Ink to trade them in for many amazing rewards in the future, level up your Inkventurer,  help us defeat the Gray and save the world!

Inkventure awaits!