Animal Shop


I welcome you to the "animal shop", yet there is not much to see here, is there? You see, we have a tiny issue!

Life without animals is life without meaning. Onays' life motto would probably be something like that! So as he just told you, his life's ambition is to bring as much animals back to the Kingdom of Color. The animals in Inkalon are true and trusted companions that will stick with your Inkventurer for life, as soon as you form a bond! 

However, Inkalons funds are low, so Onay can't just bring everthing at once. He is currently hard at work to bring his first batch of wildlife to the kingdom, but he wants to know what animals the Inkventurers are looking for. Use the form below to let him know!

Currently it's planned that the Animal Shop will open with the second reward term of Inkalon in January 2021!