Welcome to my commission page! If you want to commission art from me, this is the place to be! Please check the information below to see prices, all relevant links and additional information! The page will guide you through the entire commission process!

How do I commission you?
Step 1:

Check my commission status:

Step 2:

If my commissions are open, choose what you would like to commission:

Patreons have commission priority, so if you want to make sure you will get a slot, please check out my Patreon!

Lineart Sketches
Cell Shaded Illustrations
Painterly Illustrations
Price List

These are starting prices, and are influenced by the factors mentioned below!

Lineart Sketches
Cell Shaded

  • Portrait: €40

  • Bust Shot: €50

  • Half Body: €60

  • Full Body: €70

  • Portrait: €70

  • Bust Shot: €85

  • Half Body: €120

  • Full Body: €150

  • Portrait: €80

  • Bust Shot: €125

  • Half Body: €155

  • Full Body: €200

In addition to Characters and backgrounds I can also do simple animation! 

Step 3:

After you chose your general commission style, look at these pricing factors:

  • Prices are per character

  • Complex armor/clothes, accessories, weapons cost extra, depending on complexity

  • Backgrounds cost extra, depending on complexity

  • Small animations are possible

  • If you are an active Patreon and order an Inkventurer commission, you get a 15% discount!

What is complex armor/clothing etc?

Basically everything that is not considered common streetwear! That means dresses, cat-walk outfits, costumes, and almost every outfit from games like WoW, FFXIV or D&D! 

Step 4:

Check my Do's and Don'ts:



  • Mecha

  • Hardcore NSFW

  • Real People

  • Gore, Incest, NSFW Age-Up, Rape etc.


  • Original Characters

  • Fanart

  • Pin-Up

  • Furry (MIGHT take these!)

Step 5:

When you have checked everything, and want to order now, please choose your way of ordering freely from these options:

Contact me on Twitter: Click here

DM me on Discord: PixieInktvis#0319

Fill out this order form: Click here

Send me an E-Mail:

I'm looking forward to your order!


After you sent in your commission request I will review all the information given, and get back to you, usually within 24 hours, or when my form closes, as I sometimes collect commission requests, before I contact clients.

My message will include whether or not I will take on your commission, as well as the final rate, and a timeframe in which I plan to work on your request! 

If we come to a general aggreement, we will handle payment, and begin working together!