Terms of Service

1. Client Requirements

  • You must be of legal age (18+) to hire me.

  • You need to fill out the required information in full, and as detailed as possible.

  • You must be available for communication regarding your request via E-Mail or Twitter.If a client cannot be reached (starting on the day that the artist has tried to establish contact for feedback) for more than 21 days, without the artist being notified of a forseeable abscence the commission will be canceled without a refund.

  • If the client behaves disrespectful towards the artist, displays hatespeech, homophobia, racism, sexism or threatenes the artist or the artists associates in any shape, way or form, the commission is canceled without a refund.

2. Payment, Prices & Refunds

  • Commissions are paid directly via Ko-Fi or PayPal, depending on your choice of order. The prices are listed in the corresponding categories.

  • Additions/special requests not specifically listed might increase the price.

  • Payment needs to be made upfront and in full.

  • Inquiries for free work will be rejected.

  • The artist upholds the right to increase the price for additional work. Additional work includes, but is not limited to: Complicated armor/weapon/equipment, rush orders, backgrounds, additional characters, companions, effects, animations.

  • When a commission is paid, no refund will be offered, work on a commission will only start when the commission is paid in full.

3. Changes, Corrections & Revisions

  • You will receive a sketch to revision.

  • Small changes can be made during this revision step. Afterwards, only color corrections are possible.

  • Small changes include the change of hair/eye/clothes color, the change of a simple piece of clothing and smaller pose changes.

  • Small changes does not include the change of the general pose, change of equipment/companion/armor or the change of the entire character.Anime Icons do not have revisions.

4. Contact & Retention of Images


  • You can contact me via E-Mail, on Discord, via Patreon DM or on Twitter. I will try to answer as fast as possible and usually answer within 24 hours (weekends and national holidays excluded)

  • My Twitter and my Ko-Fi Commission page, as well as the commission info doc will include information whether or not I am open for commissions.

  • The time needed to finish a commission depends on the extent of the commission and the current commission queue. A deadline can be agreed upon for additional charges.

  • The artist retains the right to post, alter, modify and sell the product as they see fit after it has been finished. This includes, but is not limited to: Including the image in an artbook, displaying the image on all social media channels, using the image as commission example etc. If you do not wish for this, an agreement can be made for additional fees.


5. Rights

  • All rights and ownership of the product remains with the artist at all time.

  • The product is for personal use only.

  • You can only post watermarked versions of the product online. Under no circumstances is it allowed to remove the artists signature/watermark.

  • You are not allowed to alter, modify, use or distribute the product for commercial use. This includes, but is not limited to: selling the product in any shape, way or form, reposting the product as your own, using the product to promote your personal business/products.

  • If you are looking to use the product in your own work, to promote your business, or to use it as an asset to sell, an agreement can be found for additional fees.

  • You are allowed to use the product as your avatar on pages like Twitter, Twitch, DeviantArt etc., use it on your D&D character sheet, print it out and hang it on the wall and similar, personal uses.

  • You are allowed to add text to the product and crop it for personal use.

  • If you repost my art on any website/gallery/anywhere else you need to include credit which usually includes adding “by PixieInktvis”, or adding a link to my Twitter or Ko-Fi Page.

By paying an invoice on PayPal or Ko-fi you agree to these Terms of Service.