Welcome to the treasury, Inkventurer! This is the place where you can see all the ways to earn Ink to buy loyalty rewards like Inventurers, companions, clothing and more!  The examples below are updated regularly, and an announcement on Patreon will tell you when the next update will happen!

How to earn Ink?

Pledge to Patreon at: Patreon.com/PixieInktvis, and earn ink for every month you are subbed, depending on your pledge!


Earn 10 Ink once a month:

Participate in the monthly coloring page challenge on Patreon!


Earn 10 Ink once:

Participate in the current community event: Draw this in your style!


Earn 10 Ink for commissions:

Every time you commission Pixie for any art, you receive 10 Ink as a bonus!

If you check out this post on Twitter or this post on Patreon you will find all the rules to participate!

Remember, only active Patreons get Ink!


Earn 5 Ink per Twitch donation:

Visit my Stream at Twitch.com/PixieInktvis and donate a minimum of $5 to earn Ink! (once per stream!)


Earn 20 Ink per friend referal:

Refer a friend to join Patreon, and let them tell us it was you who got them to join!

We are currently working on creating a point chart, where you can track how much Ink you have gathered so far. We will post the link here, as soon as the first Inkalon payment cycle has gone through!


The points are subject to change. This is very much a beta test, and we will freely change how many points you get based on how well the system works.



Welcome to the treasury, newcomer. I'm Onay, I...don't really work here. There aren't enough animals here....